Moritz Rossmanith

Über Moritz Rossmanith

Moritz Rossmanith currently resides in Singapore where he works in Digital Marketing at Daimler Financial Services for the Africa & Asia Pacific region. With a passion for technology, innovation, marketing and management, Moritz is the English correspondent for and is based in Asia.

Pimp my Configurator: Brabus’ virtual tuning workshop shows the manufacturers, where rubber meets the road.

Brabus Car Configurator (Source: Brabus)

Brabus Car Configurator for the Mercedes SLS AMG (Source: Brabus)

The New Brabus Car Configurator is an intelligent digital addition to the Brabus presence online. Not only designed for fun, the configurator has evolved into a smart selling tool which can be used within the dealership sales process by visualizing custom Brabus solutions for customers.