Bye, bye ING-DiBa – and thank you!

Today I drank my last Cappuccino in the ING-DiBa Cafeteria, my Engagement comes to an End.

And I want to thank all Colleagues and Partners for their Cooperation, Inspiration and Transpiration. Special Thnx to Sonja Vollrath (Ressortleiterin Digital Platforms) and Dorothy Hill (Head of Digital Channels at ING-DiBa) for their Trust and the Possibility to work inside ING.

To Andreas Grund (Project Program Management) for usually being the first Participant in my early Hours Steering Committee Meetings. To Jörg Zedler from Etecture for bringing Light into the CMS-Migration. To Maik Metzen and Bernadett Kowalski from Performics (aka AKM3) to give us an Injection of true SEO-Juice. To Sandra Wittmann and Christoph Schmiedinger from Boris Gloger Consulting for deep Insights on how an Organisation can benefit from Agile Transformation. To Sarah Weckbacher and Joachim Anderson Rau from Hays for managing my Engagement very soooothly. To Hans Nijland for the joyful Lunch Breaks.

And last but not least to Lorenz Wacker from digitalagenten for establishing the Contact to Hays by calling me: „Kannst Du Dir vorstellen, ….“.

Foto: Google

The best to you all.
Happy Weekend and have a nice Holiday

Volker Liedtke

Über Volker Liedtke

Volker Liedtke ist Interims-Manager und Berater für Digital Marketing. Bei Porsche beschleunigte er die Digitale Transformation der Unternehmenskommunikation. Bei Daimler verantwortete er den Aufbau des Mobile Marketing. Bei Audi relaunchte er das globale Markenportal Bei GM/Opel entwickelte er die Cross Channel Strategie. Als Experte für Automotive Marketing ist er spezialisiert auf Digitale Transformation im Kommunikationsbereich. Mehr...